The team


  1. Luis VegaProfessional gamer since 2017, member of the Asian Development Tour and Alps Tour
  2. Maho hayakawa: Player of the LETTERS and Santander Golf Tour
  3. Juan SalamaProfessional gamer since 2014, member of the Spanish PGA and player of the Spanish Open
  4. Fatima G. CarrilesPlayer of Santander Golf TourHe has played in more than 150 courses and 30 countries. Luxury travel designer with Sapphire Travel 
  5. Ignacio FonsProfessional since 2019 member of the Spanish PGA and player of the Alps Tour
  6. Javier Herrero: Professional gamer since 2018, member of the Spanish PGA and player of multiple tournaments at national and European level.
  7. Antonio PueblaGolf sports technician in RSHECC and The shooting range (Majadahonda)